Delay LLama Supreme Analog Delay

Delay LLama Supreme Analog Delay

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The Delay Llama series is firstly designed with one thing in mind : Tape-Echo !

With the Delay Llama Supreme we’ve tried to take that and take it as far as you need it to be !

The Delay Llama Supreme is featuring :

  • 100% analog signal path
  • TAP tempo : 3 different subdivisions: Quarter / 8th / dotted 8th notes, selectable with a toggle switch
  • BBD analog chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205 for great, all analog vintage tone !
  • 600ms maximum delay time
  • Footswitcable MODULATION (WaterFall circuit) for the repeats with depth and speed controls, as well as an added FILTER selectable with a second toggle switch
  • HOLD function : While holding the TAP switch down, your repeats turn into an infinite oscillation loop ! Take your foot off the switch and the number of the repeats is right back to where the repeats-knob is set at
  • TONE control for brighter or darker repeats
  • Expression pedal inputs for Delay Time and Delay Level : You can use any 10k-25k expression pedal to control Delay Time and Mix of the effect, or order the one we make (EXP1)
  • Internal trimmer : adjusts the maximum amount of repeats
  • The Delay Llama Supreme can also be used with bass guitars



“I am taken with the beauty of the Delay Llama Supreme pedal, it has gorgeous tones and goes further than most every other delay pedal out there ! Highly recommended !! Kurt Rosenwinkel

“The Delay Llama Supreme is excellent ! I used it on a recording within a day of receiving it. It has a sound that’s just like some of my favourite analog delays from the early to mid 1980s but with the bonus of more delay time, tap tempo, controllable oscillation and a really useable modulation that can take the effected sound into spacey territory at the click of a switch. A very versatile unit.” James Sedwards (Thurston Moore band)

“The Delay Llama Supreme creates a lush sound that can either be very dramatic or with the blend knob lower, so subtle that you can leave it switched on throughout your whole performance. The modulation and the tap switch help to integrate the repeats into your music.
It’s a warm blanket of goodness that you can use freely without destroying the basic integrity of your sound.” Will Bernard