Right-On Magic Strap Silver Conchos


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Conchos strap is very elaborate. All the surface of the strap is ornamented with 2'5cm silver plating conchos crossed by a strip of leather. The Silver Conchos is made of high quality bovine leather with a special shoot leather texture and in an unique color, similar to black but full of shades.

The strap is 6cm wide, you can be sure that it's very comfortable. One plus, look our new pick holder integrated in the back tab of the strap. The picks remains in the holes firmly. Guitar and bass strap made of high quality cow leather, leather interior lining. Metal adornments of conch shells very much used in cowboy clothing and very rooted in Western and Country iconography. As defined by Wikipedia the "Conchos" were an ethnic group from the North of Mexico and South of the United States, belonging to the Uto-Aztecan trunk and of semi-nomadic life.