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  • Park PLR18 Little Rock Head - Express Shipping - (COL-A010) Serial: 12/2021-1-Righteous Guitars
  • Park PLR18 Little Rock Head - Express Shipping - (COL-A010) Serial: 12/2021-2-Righteous Guitars

Park PLR18 Little Rock Head - Express Shipping - (COL-A010) Serial: 12/2021

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From Park:

The Park Little Rock 18 has become a favorite. Two years of tweaking has created an amp that is capable of satisfying clean and overdrive sounds. The LR18 combines a modified version of the preamp of a plexi 50 and the lower-powered, user changeable power amp of the Park Little Head. If you want plexi tones (plus more) at reasonable volumes, this is the answer. In addition, there are two push-pull switches that allow you to cascade the channels for more gain (that's in series, one into the other) and a Punch switch that gives you a boost in the upper mids for a more aggressive sound. With both switches "In" the amp acts like a traditional four input, two channel Park amp similar to a lower powered version of a 1968 50 watt plexi but at lower power levels. With the switches “out” its a higher gain, modded version.

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