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  • Schertler Giulia X - Express Shipping - (SR-A037) Serial: 2369-1-Righteous Guitars
  • Schertler Giulia X - Express Shipping - (SR-A037) Serial: 2369-2-Righteous Guitars
  • Schertler Giulia X - Express Shipping - (SR-A037) Serial: 2369-3-Righteous Guitars

Schertler Giulia X - Express Shipping - (SR-A037) Serial: 2369

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From Schertler:

GIULIA X represents the state of the art in Swiss amplifier design, reflecting all the needs of the user. Offering a significantly improved power amp and speaker section, together with a crossover filter network, limiter and gain, this amp provides 70W (108dB SPL) of bi-amplified analog power. GIULIA X has a coaxial speaker system with a 1” dome tweeter and 5.5” woofer. It is designed with an optimized 2-way bass reflex construction.

GIULIA X is ideal for those seeking no-compromise acoustic instrument amplification, while keeping things small and simple. Perfect for practice and home studio use, it is also recommended as a high-quality preamp in venues, connected to Front Of House via the DI Out. The two inputs can accept one instrument and a vocal microphone.

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