Jam Pedals The Big Chill Tremolo

Jam Pedals The Big Chill Tremolo

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The Big Chill is our ultimate-vintage-tremolo-pedal with benefits !

It’s featuring :

  • Square – Sine – Triangle waveform selector toggle-switch
  • 4 control knobs for Level, Depth, Speed 1, Speed 2
  • Foot-switch to select between Speed 1 / Speed 2
  • Foot-switch for the CHOP effect ! (the DEPTH control is not working when the CHOP effect is engaged. This is perfectly normal – just give a quick listen to the CHOP effect inaction and you’ll understand why !)
  • Expression pedal input jack to control Speed 2*
  • Expression pedal input jack to control depth (the Depth control on the pedal sets the maximum depth for the travel of the expression pedal)*
  • Internal trimmer to adjust the Speed 2 level
  • Internal trimmer to adjust the CHOP effect level
  • The Big Chill could also be used as a clean boost! Just set the Depth control to zero, and adjust the Level to your preference.

All these features along with the warmest and biggest vintage tremolo sound you have ever heard ! We are extremely proud of our creation !


Speed (EXP3) : Expression pedal to control Speed 2. Other expression pedals could work as well, however they will not give you the full range of the control.

Depth (EXP2) : Expression pedal to control Depth (same with the one adjusting the Delay Llama+ Time control). Only our expression pedal can be used for that purpose.

Each Expression Pedal is sold separately for 35€ / $35

The BiG CHiLL can also be used with bass guitars.


“Big Chill is my favorite tremolo, modern and classic at the same time”.  Eivind Aarset

“Whether you need vintage tremolo or modern slicer-style effects, the Big Chill should be at the top of your list of pedals to check out.” Guitar Moderne