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Andy Powers has been an innovator for Taylor Guitars ever since he joined the company and his latest creation is a new take on the electric guitar. Andy got his inspiration from San Diego's North County and the cultural melting pot that only Southern California can be. Surfing, Skating, and Classic Hot Rods serve as the muse for this new take on an old idea. The desire to build a guitar that calls you to explore fresh ideas and chase a sound that you haven't been able to create but always felt was there. 

The Body

An asymmetrical design that remains balanced and has a contoured armrest inspired by the soft edges of a surfboard. Using a fully enclosed hollowbody design the guitar is remarkably light and resonant without having some of the drawbacks of a traditional hollowbody. Using two internal soundposts fitted into the braced maple top, the top and back move in harmony to reduce feedback and maximize sustain. Keeping up with Andy and Taylor's mission of sustainability, the A-Type uses Urban Ash underneath the Solid Maple top.

The Pickups

A new design that combines an Aluminum housing and Neodymium magnets to reduce the pickups magnetic pull on the strings and provide a new level of fidelity and warmth that previous pickups failed to capture. The FF42 (Full Faraday) is the warmer of the two and features an engine turned aluminum top inspired by the details on classic hot rods. The PF42 (Partial Faraday) creates a brighter sound and has an insert that matches the pickguard.

The Hardware

Knobs that almost seem like candy are actually a call back to how surfboards are made. As the resin drips off each board during the glassing process, it forms layer after layer into a tower of color. Each set of knobs and trem arm cap are shop-crafted so each and every one is unique. Using an original design that is manufactured in-house for the tailpiece, Andy has developed a vibrato that compensates for how each string reacts during pitch changes to maintain relative pitch. Nicknamed the "CamTail" it also has a locking mechanism to stop the vibrato back at its normal pitch but it can be adjusted to be fully floating.

Inspired By The Past, Made For The Player Of Tomorrow

While the Powers Electric A-Type has its roots in classics it also makes some leaps forward for a modern player. The fingerboard has a split radius, not to be confused with a compound radius. The treble side is slightly flatter to allow for easier string bending and limit the possibility of notes being choked out. The bridge is mounted using wooden threads built into the body to provide a solid base and improve resonance without sacrificing stability.

 A Feeling That Needs To Be Experienced

In order to truly appreciate how all of these parts come together to form a guitar that is new but also familiar you have to try one out. As these guitars are produced in limited numbers by Andy they are likely to be hard to find but as one of the few launch dealers Righteous Guitars has a few that you can check out. Feel free to give us a call at 678-735-3115 or schedule a showroom appointment.

June 14, 2023 — Jonathan Martin