Trade In or Sell Your Gear

Here at Righteous Guitars we accept trades of guitar related equipment as well as buying outright.  This includes amplifiers, pedals, and instruments.  There are limitations* to what we will accept on trades but we are always happy to help guide you even if we don't take your trade.  With an honest and straightforward approach to trades, we will tell you what we think we can sell your item for and what we will give you in trade value.  That way you can make an educated decision on what works best for you.  

*We do not accept non-guitar related merchandise such as mixers, PA equipment, keyboards, lighting gear, drums, or band and orchestral equipment.  In addition, we do not accept raw speakers, pickups, smaller accessory items, cables, or guitar stands.  There are other exclusions as well so if you are unsure, please call ahead to make sure we can accept your trade.  Bear in mind you will almost always get  a better value if you sell privately as opposed to trading.  Outright purchases will be paid by check.  Government issued ID is  required and you must be at least 18 years old to trade or sell.

We Buy Collections

Have a collection of gear you would like to sell?  We purchase entire collections as well.  Reach out to us with a list of what you have and we will setup a time to come evaluate your collection.  We will need serial numbers and photos are, of course, very helpful to us to come up with an accurate proposal.  We pay right away and we can come to you and pick your equipment up so there is minimal work on your end*. 

*We only purchase guitar related equipment and may not purchase everything you have (usually we will).  Depending on the condition and the value, we may not set an appointment to come to you or may pass on the collection entirely.  Payment will be made by check after price is agreed to.  You may contact us at to get more information or to set a time for us to come to you.  Government issued ID is required and you must be at least 18 years old to sell.