The lifeblood to the electric guitar, amplifiers offer the opportunity to sculpt the tone to your needs. We carry a huge selection of quality tube amplifiers (and a few solid state too) here at Righteous. When looking for the perfect amplifier, there are a few things to consider. First, decide on a budget.  Next decide on a style(s). We divide tube amplifiers into 3 categories: American, High Powered British, and Low Powered British. These are generic terms but most amps will fall into one or more of these groups. You can learn more about what style(s) you like by researching some of you favorite musicians’ gear. For example: AC/DC – High Powered British / Stevie Ray Vaughn – American / Tom Petty – Low Powered British. You can also always reach out to us here at the store and we will help. Finally, your needs in regards to power and volume need to be considered. You won’t likely enjoy an overly powerful amplifier in a small room or a underpowered amp with your band. So whether you are recording, playing at the house, or touring the world, we can help you find the perfect amplifier for YOUR sound.