List of Mods/Upgrades

Guitar:  Fender Player Stratocaster - $850 Value
Electronics:  Full rewire with CTS Potentiometers and Push/Push Potentiometer for Coil Tap, Switchcraft Jack, CRL Switch, Lollar Blackface Neck and Middle Pickups, Seymour Duncan TremBucker '59 Bridge Pickup, and Mallory Capacitors - $500 Value
Parts:  Mint Green Pickguard and Back Plate - $20 Value
Frets:  PLEK service including level and crown, end dressing, and buffing of all frets - $265 Value
Fingerboard:  Hand rolled to increase comfort - $40 Value
Nut:  Polished bone nut with hybrid spacing - $150 Value
Setup:  Righteous Guitars Setup w/ D'addario NYXL 10-46 strings - $109 Value

Total Value: $1,934