Right-On Bassman Strap Elastic Black


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Right-On Bassman Strap Elastic Black

The "Elastic spring strap" is a an exclusive RightOn´s degree of elastic guitar strap 8cm  wide guitar strap that is perfect for guitarist or bass player who are looking for a standard bass strap that can relieve pressure points while playing guitar or bass.
Black and white guitar strap, the heavy duty construction of the elastic actually makes your guitar feel lighter and more comfortable on your shoulder.
The "elastic spring " guitar strap is sure to be your No. 1 Stretch Guitar Strap choice! The Elastic spring strap, absorbs the pushing and pulling caused from moving the neck for chord changes or motion while playing the elastic helps to feel the guitar lighter on your shoulder .

Also our strap is a vegan strap, 100% free of all animal parts.
Our Elastic Spring strap  incorporates the innovative  FLASH ( Fast Length Adjustment System Harness) system that enables effortless adjustment of your guitar or bass, allowing you to perform your best in any scenario. This is particularly useful when playing intricate or demanding parts or when switching between instruments. The FLASH adjustment system will change the way you play!.