Suhr Aldrich Zebra 53MM Bridge Pickup


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Pickup - Suhr Aldrich Zebra 53MM Bridge Pickup

The result of a collaboration between John Suhr and rock guitarist extraordinaire Doug Aldrich, the Aldrich humbuckers are the ultimate high-output pickups for aggressive rock style playing. The Aldrich bridge humbucker is now Suhr's highest-output pickup, but it oozes tone across its sound spectrum. It is big sounding, yet focused and punchy in the mids and tight in the lows. You will never hear this pickup get flubby and undefined in the highest gain settings. The high-mids will cut through like the sharpest knife but the treble will be sweet and never grating on the ears. From chunky low-string metal riffing to screaming string bends in the high register, the Aldrich bridge humbucker covers them all while retaining the dynamics of your pick attack. The Aldrich neck humbucker is the perfect complement to the Aldrich bridge pickup. The Aldrich neck pickup has been carefully calibrated for the neck position and to also match the output of the Aldrich bridge pickup. This is Suhr's highest-output neck humbucker, but it never gets muddy or undefined. The Aldrich neck humbucker retains clear string-to-string balance, with warmth in the mids, tight and clear lows, and sweet singing highs. Whether it’s chunky crunch rhythm sounds, sweet bluesy leads, or fluid high-gain lead sounds you need from a neck humbucker, the Aldrich delivers in spades. DC Resistance: 17.5K ohms for the bridge position, 9K ohms for the neck position. 4-conductor.