Right-On Plain Black Standard Plus Strap


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A simple and comfy strap. This is the Plain Black guitar and bass strap and this is what you need. Two kinds of fabric in the surface of the strap, in black shades. This strap fits perfectly with any guitar or bass.

The Plain strap is minimalist, smart, simple.. you can get "the look" and the Plain strap can go with you.

The surface of this strap is made of textile fabric and microfiber, this looks so cool! and the lining is made all of microfiber. Otherwise, the end tabs are made of fine bovine leather, they're very strong!. This strap has a padding made of 2mm thick low density latex.

About the measures, the Plain strap is narrower than the other ones with just 5cm wide, this looks great!. And has an adjustable length from 86cm to 150cm, chose the length with which you feel better.

And idea! Do you need a pick-holder? Just look our new PICK HOLDER and put it on your Plain Strap!.