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Zero is the full stereo and simple to use portable amplification solution, that turns your pedals into a tool for your live shows, rehearsals and recordings.Our Class D hybrid power technology, with two real 40 watt outputs, reproduces the behavior of a tube amp's transformers and all of their harmonics.

Discover its analog speaker modeling technology that recreates the sound of a classic combo with full dynamics and detail, through direct outputs and headphone jack.The complete internal analog preamp, with three stereo integrated reverbs, creates the most detailed atmospheres.

Zero is dynamic. A clean platform with an open signal path where your pedals shine through. Get the most out of your pedalboard with its stereo effects loop and use its preamp loop with your favorite preamps as a second channel; define your tone to the maximum.

With its universal integrated power supply, doesn't matter where you are, where you plug in, Zero is simplicity, Zero is your tone for any situation.

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